Von Dina Sonn konnte keine Fotografie gefunden werden.
Von Dina Sonn konnte keine Fotografie gefunden werden.
Dina Sonn worked in the Gause family household for decades and after the death of the old gentleman his son Friedrich Gause continued to employ her as a household help. Gause did not register her when ration cards were introduced in 1939 and provided her with food through his own ration coupons. Nothing was mentioned to strangers about her Jewish heritage. In October 1941 however, another resident in the house, Konrad Kübler, who was also a “Zellenleiter” (a neighborhood leadership position within the Nazi hierarchy) reported her presence within the Gause household to the police. The 62-year-old Dina Sonn was released from jail after four weeks and was forced to move to a house located within the ghetto in Frankfurt’s Ostend neighborhood. She went into hiding again with Friedrich Gause’s help on the day she was scheduled to be deported. He hid her in his office, which was located at the “Russische Hof” on Kronprinzenstrasse (today: Münchener Strasse). He brought her to Usingen on 27 March 1944 after an air raid and registered her as victim of bomb damage. Her true identity was discovered when she was falsely accused by her landlady of stealing the latter’s cooking oil ration coupons. Dina Sonn was arrested and transferred to the Frankfurt jail on Klapperfeldgasse on 12 May 1944. According to Gause’s research she was murdered in the concentration camp Auschwitz in autumn 1944.

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